27 September 2016

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27 September 2016 Edition

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World Junior Championships Team

Sports Taekwondo Australia is pleased to announce the Australian Team to contest the 2016 World Junior Taekwondo Champinships. The Team has been selected via the Kyorugi Selection Event held at the National Championships in Bendigo on 27 August 2016.

Female Division State Club
Tamsin Christoffel 42-44 Kgs Qld One Taekwondo
Kira Weber 46-49 Kgs NSW Martial Arts Spirit
Saffron Tamby-Rajah 49-52 Kgs WA Rawlins Taekwondo
Stacey Hymer 52-55 Kgs Vic Fighting Lyons
Maria Petrakis 55-59 Kgs Vic Titans Taekwondo
Tayla Nolte 59-63 Kgs Qld Rawlins Taekwondo
Emily Stellino 63-68 Kgs NSW  Global Martial Arts
Chelsea Hobday +68 Kgs Qld Tans Taekwondo
Male Division State Club
Jomil Millares <45 Kgs WA Core Taekwondo
Adrian Calleja 45-48 Kgs NSW Global Martial Arts
Riley Siegel 49-51 Kgs Vic Melbourne Taekwondo Centre
Michael Ray-ZwierZchowski 51-55 Kgs Vic Evolution Taekwondo
Rodney Hartman 55-59 Kgs WA Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan 
Liam Wilson 59-63 Kgs Vic City West Taekwondo
Jackson Latcham 63-68 Kgs Qld Tans Taekwondo
Tyrone Staben 68-73 Kgs SA Adelaide Taekwondo Academy
Nathan Sawyer 73-78 Kgs WA Rawlins Taekwondo
TBA Head of Team    
Frank De Pasquale Lead Coach Vic City West Taekwondo
Ryan Carneli Lead Coach Vic Fighting Lyons
Anita Tippett Coach WA Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan
Ben Hartman Coach Qld Tans Taekwondo
Ruth Rowe Trainer SA Adelaide Taekwondo Academy
Terence Fernandez Trainer NSW Martial Arts Spirit


Poomsae World Championships


Please join us in wishing all the best to our representative Athletes and Coaches travelling to the 10th World Poomsae Championships in Lima, Peru.   The competition commences on 29 September 2016.

Go Aussies!!

If you would like to support the team by making a tax-deductible donation, it can be done through our fundraising partners the Australian Sports Foundation.  The Taekwondo donation page can be accessed HERE.

Oceania Championships

The Oceania Championships will take place at the Vodafone Arena, Suva, Fiji from 26 to 28 November 2016.  The event package can be found HERE.

STAL would like to confirm that we are absolutely supportive of as many athletes as possible being able to represent Australia. 

We are in a unique situation this year with the inaugural running of the President's Cup worldwide. STAL would like to reassure you all that this is a one off situation while we work with the OTU to ensure that all future events held on Australian soil are run with the involvement of STAL. 

This year all Athletes and Coaches who will be competing at the President's Cup will be able to wear the Australian Team Kit.  The Athletes and Coaches who qualified through the STAL Selection Event will receive their kit as part of their support package, and other athletes who qualified via the President's Cup will be able to purchase their Kit.  Information on the Kit and pricing can be downloaded from HERE

If you are interested in the Kit you must order it directly through Jols and provide your name. Please note that this Kit is only available to bona fide athletes and coaches who qualified through the President's Cup.

Also please be aware that Australian athletes who were selected through the Selection Event will be entered by STAL and will be invoiced for the cost of entry.

All Australian athletes who qualified via the President's Cup will be entered by the OTU and the OTU will recover the costs once the selected athletes have been entered.

We are pleased to announce that the following coaches have been selected to the Australian Team:

Poomsae: Carmela Hartnett, Stephen Boag and Amy Song
Sparring:  Di Carn, Ryan Carneli, Frank De Pasquale, Murat Eryurek, Terrence Fernandez, Ali Khalil, Con Lazos, Sam Loiacono, Allan Malachowski, Carlo Massimino, Jerry Moraitis, Joon No, Charles Rawlins, Ruth Rowe, Norm Taylor, Anita Tippett, Peter Vassily, Bernie Victor.

With a large number of coaches Bernie Victor will be the Coaching co-ordinator with Di Carn as his deputy.

The final Australian Poomsae and Kyorugi Teams are:

Oceania Poomsae Team

Division - Pairs Poomsae Athlete State Club
Pairs Poomsae 31+ Pat Petrovsk
Caroline Suhardjono
Schembri's Taekwondo
Koryo Taekwondo Centre
Pairs Poomsae 15 - 17 Tayla Eckley
Taj Bouwhuis
City West Taekwondo
Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan
Pairs Poomsae 12 - 14 Kiara Evans
Griffin Reytomas
Halls Taekwondo
Melbourne Taekwondo Centre
Division - Team Poomsae Athlete State Club
Male Team 31+ Barry Jordan
Sammy Rachele
Russell Wood
Nim Taekwondo
Koryo Taekwondo Centre
Koryo Taekwondo Centre
Female Team 31+ Caroline Suhardjono
Pat Petrovski
Caroline Suhardjono

Koryo Taekwondo Centre
Schembri's Taekwondo
Koryo Taekwondo Centre
Female Team 12 - 14 Natasha Hubycki
Cariska Magno
Phoenix Tan
Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan
Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan
Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan
Division - Individual Poomsae Athlete State Club
Male 66+ Russell Wood Vic Koryo Taekwondo Centre
Male 61 - 65 Kim Seng WA Australian Taekwondo Academy
Male 51 - 60 Neil Brickwood WA Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan
Male 15 - 17 Taj Bouwhuis WA Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan
Male 12 - 14 Griffin Reytomas Vic Melbourne Taekwondo Centre
Female 51 - 60 Pat Petrovski Vic Schembri's Taekwondo
Female 41 - 50 Lucy Cleary Vic Koryo Taekwondo Centre
Female 31 - 40 Caroline Suhardjono Vic Koryo Taekwondo Centre
Female 15 - 17 Tayla Eckley Vic City West Taekwondo
Female 12 - 14 Sharell CS Komala Vic Koryo Taekwondo Centre
Division - Para Taekwondo Athlete State Club
Para P34 Janine Watson Qld Tans Taekwondo
Para - To be classified Jack Arrah WA ATI Martial Arts
Head of Team TBA    
Lead Coach Carmela Hartnett WA Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan
Assistant Coach Stephen Boag Tas Hoju Martial Arts
Assistant Coach Amy Song Vic Songs Taekwondo


Oceania Kyorugi Team

Female Division State Club
Amber Landsberg 29-33 Kgs Qld Edge Taekwondo
Juliet Lahood 33-37 Kgs NSW Hills District Taekwondo
Talia Uliel 37-41 Kgs Vic Melbourne Taekwondo Centre
Sonya Peric-Ratten 41-44 Kgs WA ATI Martial Arts
Saskia Medd 44-47 Kgs Vic Melbourne Taekwondo Centre
Makayla Giovanniello 47-51 Kgs Vic Fusion Martial Arts
Charlotte Calleri 51-55 Kgs Vic Team Taekwondo
Anastasia Typou 55-59 Kgs Vic Halls Taekwondo
Alana Broomer 59+ Kgs WA Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan
Male Division State Club
Dylan Sicat <33 Kgs NSW Prodigy Martial Arts
Ben Camua 37-41 Kgs NSW Prodigy Martial Arts
Ronan Keleher 41-45 Kgs Vic The Taekwondo Academy
Max Phillips 45-49 Kgs Vic Melbourne Taekwondo Centre
Leon Sejranovic 49-53 Kgs Vic Fighting Lyons
Fred Pace 53-57 Kgs Vic Fusion Martial Arts
Charlie Dawson 57-61 Kgs SA Adelaide Taekwondo Academy
Harrison McIntyre 61-65 Kgs WA Rawlins Taekwondo
Nicholas Tsiakos 65+ Kgs NSW Musa Taekwondo
Female Division State Club
Kira Webber 46-49kgs NSW Martial Arts Spirit
Kate Dewis 49-52 Kgs SA Adelaide Taekwondo Academy
Elijah Mohammed 55-59 Kgs NSW Martial Arts Spirit
Reba Stewart 68+ Kgs Vic Halls Taekwondo
Male Division State Club
Ryan Hogg 45-48 Kgs Vic Team Carlo
Raymond Lieu 51-55 Kgs Vic Joon No's Taekwondo
Rodney Hartman 56-63Kgs WA Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan
Djuro Stojanovic 63-68 Kgs NSW Martial Arts Spirit
Female Division State Club
Amelia Griffin <49 Kgs SA Adelaide Taekwondo Academy
Jennifer Lay 49-57 Kgs NSW Global Martial Arts
Josephine Brown 57-67 Kgs SA Adelaide Taekwondo Academy
Kate McAdam 67+ Kgs NSW Iron Tiger Taekwondo
Male Division State Club
Bailey Lewis <58 Kgs Vic City West Taekwondo
Damon Cavey 58-68 Kgs SA Whiteways Taekwondo
Cameron Taylor 68-80 Kgs Qld San Taekwondo
Jaxon Simmonds 80+ Kgs SA Adelaide Taekwondo Academy
Division - Para Taekwondo Division State Club
Kara Scamporlino Para K44 Vic Team Carlo Taekwondo
Steve Currie Para K42 Vic Melbourne Taekwondo Centre
TBA Head of Team    
Bernie Victor Coach Coordinator Vic Melbourne Taekwondo Centre
Di Carn Assistant Coach Coordinator NSW Iron Tiger Taekwondo
Ryan Carneli Coach Vic Fighting Lyons
Frank De Pasquale Coach Vic City West Taekwondo
Murat Eryurek Coach Vic Team Taekwondo
Terrence Fernandez Coach NSW Martial Arts Spirit
Benjamin Hock Coach SA Adelaide Taekwondo Academy
Ali Khalil Coach NSW  Global Martial Arts
Con Lazos Coach Vic Fusion Martial Arts
Sam Loiacono Coach NSW Hills District Taekwondo
Allan Malachowski Coach Vic The Taekwondo Academy
Carlo Massimino Coach Vic Team Carlo
Jerry Moraitis Coach Vic Halls Taekwondo
Joon No Coach Vic Joon No's Taekwondo
Charles Rawlins Coach WA Rawlins Taekwondo
Ruth Rowe Coach SA Adelaide Taekwondo Academy
Norm Taylor Coach Qld San Taekwondo
Anita Tippett Coach WA Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan
Peter Vassilly Coach NSW Prodigy Martial Arts


International Referees

We extend our congratulations to our International Referees who have been selected to officiate at upcoming World Championships.

Linda Pace, Muhktar Kadiri and Seong Weon Yun have been selected by the WTF to officiate as judges at the Poomsae World Championships in Peru.

Rene Leveaux, Frank Magliozzi and Maher Magableh have been selected by the WTF to officiate as referees at the Junior World Championships in Canada. 

OTU Kyorugi Coaching Course

The OTU have advised that a Kyorugi Coaching Course is available in Melbourne on Saturday 22 October 2016 for anyone who wishes to coach at the 2016 Oceania Championships but do not have a current OTU coaching accreditation. 

Course details can be downloaded HERE.

Board Nominations

The following nominations were received by the Nominations Committee by the closing time of 5:00pm on Saturday 24 September 2016. These nominations will be put forward to the State Delegates to vote on at the Annual General Meeting on Saturday 22 October 2016.

  Bilal Elmowy


I have been practicing Taekwondo for 44 years, during which time I have come to appreciate everything that Taekwondo Stands for.  I have run a club since 1979 and am still going strong; expanding both nationally and internationally.  Currently in my club I have 150 students and have other clubs affiliated with me as well as many instructors to assist me.

To achieve satisfaction in life one must have integrity, honesty and self-discipline.  Taekwondo philosophy of control and self-discipline assists in shaping the character of the individual.  As they say Taekwondo for Self, Community and Country.  I have a strong community engagement and believe in giving back to the Community, therefore have always participated in community activities by being a mentor to the younger generation using Taekwondo.  I have held many Taekwondo clubs in various districts therefore I am well known throughout the Taekwondo Community as achiever.  I have been involved in arranging many local tournaments amongst different clubs as well as organising international tournaments. 

My past experience with NSW taekwondo committee will bring much gained knowledge to STAL National Board.  I will work with all members of the Board to achieve the best goals for Australia Taekwondo and be a participant of a highly achieving Board by working as a team to achieve the best possible outcomes.  This in turn will form a strong foundation to unite Taekwondo in Australia to become a strong force and achieve an increasing number of competitors, allowing Australia to compete on the World stage for medals.

  Graeme Hartnett


My educational background of economics and finance, combined with practical experience in the tax, legal and not-for-profit space at PwC, the world's largest professional services firm.  These experiences will allow me to use the knowledge I have gained for the betterment of Taekwondo in Australia.

I have been involved in Taekwondo for 28 years.  I am passionate about both the sporting and traditional aspects of the martial art.  I am a 6th Dan black belt and I have represented Australia as both an athlete and a coach, as well as serving on the sparring performance committee in STWA.  In addition I instruct and manage a number of Taekwondo clubs in WA.  These clubs cater for all students, from grass roots to high performance athletes, as well as traditional Taekwondo students from ages 4 – 65 years.

Having necessary commercial qualifications, combined with extensive Taekwondo experience I can bring a diverse and modern voice to the Board.

  Hassan Iskandar


I have served the Australian Taekwondo Community at both a state and national level in various capacities for over twenty years. During this period I established good relationships with Australian athletes, coaches and member state bodies. In addition I have also forged a strong network of key stakeholders such as the Australian Sports Commission, Australian Olympic Committee, Kukkiwon and World Taekwondo Federation.

Allied to the above, are the good relationships that I have with Taekwondo bodies throughout Oceania, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

I was one of the key advocates for reuniting the Australian Taekwondo family and worked hard with the relevant sporting authorities and the Taekwondo community to help bring this merger to fruition.  I continue to strive to make our Australian sporting organisation strong and relevant on the world stage.

I worked closely with the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) to develop a new constitution for the national sporting organisation that meets the criteria and standard of the ASC and governance excellence, and also complies with ASIC’s guidelines.
I am a strong believer of a transparent, democratic and inclusive National Sports Organisation that meets and strives to exceed the expectations of its members and stakeholders.  I am also dedicated to ensuring that the ideal culture and values are instilled in STAL to ensure a harmonious organisation and to make Taekwondo the martial art and sport of choice for all Australians.

  Chong Won Lee


I am fully committed to the development, progression and longevity of STAL, it’s mission and programs.  I am proud that strategic thinking is a very strong character trait.  I have very well developed skills in strategic sponsorship potential and development, and the importance of strong, relevant marketing.  I believe as an elected representative, communication, transparency and engagement is key to effective interactions with both members, stakeholders and the wider Taekwondo Community.

  Simon Lew


I believe a director of the STAL Board needs to have an engaging and collaborative leadership style, superior martial arts passion, belief in high quality service provision in the martial arts industry, martial arts industry vision, and experience in governance, community sport and participation. 

I pride myself in being able to deliver these goals for the role of director, with the skills I have gained from my current two jobs as Assistant Instructor at Spirit Taekwondo and Clinical Advisory Chairman and Dentist in Charge at HCF - Australia's largest Not For Profit health insurer.

I have also recently completed my Certificate in Directorship – Foundations with the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


With our growing membership base and a successful National Championships, STAL requires an Events and Team Manager.  Details of the opportunity can be found HERE.

Applications should be made to the CEO at ceo@austkd.com.au

The application should consist of a cover letter addressing the key capabilities, plus a CV of no more than four pages and be received by the CEO by 5:00pm AEST on Tuesday 11 October 2016.

Pan Pacific Masters Games


Taekwondo is one of the 44 sports on offer at the 2016 Pan Pacific Masters Games which will be held on the Gold Coast from 5 to 6 November 2016.

The Taekwondo event is being presented by Sports Taekwondo Queensland Inc and is open to athletes with a minimum age of 30 years as at 4 November 2016.  

For further information on the Taekwondo competition and to enter click HERE.

Entries close at 9:00am (AEST) on Monday 24 October 2016.

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