26 May 2016

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May 2016 Edition

Chairman's Edition - Future Focus

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It is with great pride that I look back over the past months and celebrate the achievements that the organisation has made.  I appreciate that as members some of these achievements are not always visible, and not always in the timeframe that you would expect.  But the key to a successful and sustainable organisation is to have an excellent governance platform to operate from and we have made great headway into doing just that.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow Board Members and everyone who has been involved in this process, as without your time, effort and dedication we would not have come so far.  Plus the supports and guidance we have received from the Australian Sports Commission has been invaluable.

I believe that the future is bright for Taekwondo.  We have some exciting announcements in the near future, the first of which is that The Small Step Foundation has pledged 30,000 dollars for the development of Taekwondo in Australia.  Details as to how this money will be used are being developed.  Also on the horizon is the launch of our new website in coming weeks.

The Sports Taekwondo Australia Ltd Board

A number of members have recently asked me who are the Directors on the STAL Board.  Please see below for a brief introduction:

John Walker AM – Chairman and Appointed Director

Appointed 15 September 2014. John is an investment banker with 16 years experience in banking. He is also a former CEO of a major state government department.

Daniel Trenton – President and Elected Director

Appointed 7 January 2014. Daniel is a lawyer and former Olympic athlete and coach. He also holds special responsibilities as MNA President.

Hassan Iskandar – Secretary General and Elected Director

Appointed 15 September 2014. Hassan has a diploma and management and marketing and 15 years experience in sports administration. He also holds special responsibilities as MNA Secretary General.

Stuart Lee – Elected Director
Appointed 7 January 2014. Stuart operates his own company as a builder. He also has experience over 7 years experience as a High Performance Manager.

Raffaele Di Renzo – Elected Director

Appointed 15 September 2014. Raff in a lawyer with over 10 years experience in legal practice. He also holds special responsibilities as Chair of the Audit, Finance and Risk Management Committee.

Louise McCoach – Appointed Director

Appointed 15 June 2015. Louise is a lawyer with over 10 years experience in debt capital markets and holds various non-executive director positions. She is also a former Commonwealth Games triathlon athlete having represented New Zealand. Louise is also a member of the Audit, Finance and Risk Management Committee.

Anne Austin – Appointed Director

Appointed 15 June 2015. Anne is a manager with over 20 years experience in executive search and placement.  Anne is also the Chair of the Nominations Committee.

State Mergers

We are in the final stages of completing all eight of the State mergers.  I am excited at the prospect of welcoming all of our State members to the AGM later this year.

New South Wales have been operating with the unified Board since January 2016, and with their new independent Chair, Perry Tzamouranis, they have recently run a very successful State competition.  The Incorporation of the New South Wales entity will be complete in June 2016.

Queensland have recently filed the required paperwork to complete their merger process.  They have had a few meetings with their new Independent Chair, Allison Golsby, and we look forward to being able to recognise them in the coming weeks.

Victoria are in the final stages of their incorporation.  Like Queensland, Victoria have also had meetings as a unified Board led by their Independent Chair, Mark Albert.  It is exciting that we will be able to recognise Victoria in the coming weeks.

The ACT have agreed the form of the constitution for the new ACT State body.  They are in the process of moving through the incorporation steps and will be completed by June 2016.



I am pleased to report that we have had a steady uptake of membership this year and we are currently over 8,000 members.  However, this represents only a small portion of the Taekwondo participants in Australia and through activities from our strategic plan, and your continuing support I look forward to seeing this number grow year on year. 

Our target for 2016 is 10,000 members.  This would place us in the category for ASC Participation Funding which has up to 200,000 dollars available per annum.

Vale David Warren

I was saddened to hear of the passing of a prominent member of our Taekwondo Community - David Warren. David was Chair of the Poomsae Officiating Committee and a member of our Grand Masters Advisory Council.  He was a foundation member of Taekwondo in Tasmania, and was experienced as a competitor (both Sparring and Poomsae), as well as an International Referee and an International Poomsae Judge.  It was as a Poomsae Judge and Coach that David made the biggest impression, as his many international friends and colleagues will attest to. 

My thoughts are with his family during this sad time.

2016 National Championships


Having announced in our previous issue that the 2016 National Championships will be held in Bendigo, Victoria between 26-28 August 2016, we have been advised by the Bendigo agency looking after the accommodation bookings for prospective entrants and their families, that accommodation venues are booking out very quickly.

Therefore we advise if you intend competing at this year's National Championships, that you contact the Bendigo Visitor Centre who can coordinate your accommodation needs to suit; offer access to special industry group rates; easy payment options; a free call number direct to Bendigo specialists, 7 days a week from 9am-5pm every day of the year.

Download the Accommodation Flyer which includes your unique booking code: STAL.  Also click HERE for accommodation availability and rates.

Everyone that books their accommodation using the Bendigo Visitor Centre service will receive a free “Welcome Pack” to help them plan their visit to this beautiful city.

Also a reminder that the National Championships are a sparring selection event for the 2016 Junior World Championships and the 2016 Oceania Championships.  Selection policies will be published soon.

Entries are now open until 24 July 2016, click HERE to enter. 

I am looking forward to seeing you all in Bendigo.

Poomsae Selection Event

We are proud to be hosting the Poomsae Selections for the 2016 Poomsae World Championships and the 2016 Oceania Championships with our first merged State WA. 

The event is on 30 July 2016 at the Belmont Oasis Leisure centre in Perth. 

Event details can be found HERE: , and you can enter online HERE.

Please ensure that you read and complete all of the required documents, and all the best for the competition.

Kyorugi Selection Event

The 2016 National Championships will also be hosting the Kyorugi Selections for the 2016 Junior World Championships and theh 2016 Oceania Championships. 

Details and online entry can be found in the package for the National Championships HERE

Selection policies will be published very shortly.

Rio 2016


Our four athletes: Carmen Marton, Caroline Marton, Safwan Khalil and Hayder Shkara with their coaches Alf Dell’Orso and Ali Khalil are well into their preparations for Rio.  It has been exciting to see some podium finishes from the athletes in their lead up competitions.  I am sure that you will join me in wishing them well in their remaining preparations, and in cheering on the Green and Gold in Rio in August.

Sports Boost


Bailey Lewis, one of our up and coming athletes, is in the final stages of the Sports Boost Competition which is sponsored by Colonial First State.

If Bailey wins he will receive 10,000 dollars and our organisation will receive 15,000 dollars towards the development of our athletes.

Bailey is up against athletes from Cycling, Gymnastics and Athletics and the winner is selected though a public voting system. So please make sure that you vote for Bailey HERE and help him and our sport to develop.


~ Poomsae Officiating Committee

During this difficult time I woud like to praise the Poomsae Officiating Committee for continuing their good work.  They have a busy time ahead with the selection event, Nationals and getting their courses up and running.  Please see below a letter of introduction.

State Divisions, Head Instructors and Members

I would like to introduce you to the Poomsae Officiating Committee and inform you of advancements that are being made to benefit Poomsae Officiating in Australia.

Currently our committee consists of the following people: Russell Wood, Linda Pace, Kay Yang and Stephen Boag, who have been working diligently on putting in place policies to drive Poomsae Officiating forward.
At our last meeting the responsibilities for the committee members were established.

Kay Yang and Stephen Boag are working on education and officiating policies. Contact can be made to the committee via the CEO: committee@austkd.com.au.
Linda Pace is now in charge of International Liaison and will be the contact for the WTF Poomsae WTF Referee Board. Linda can be contacted by email at WTFPoomsaeLiaison@austkd.com.au.

Russell Wood will be responsible to maintain communication between the State Poomsae Boards and this committee.  Information concerning courses can now be directed directly to this committee through Russell who can be contacted by email at russellrobertwood@outlook.com.

Currently the committee is producing policies to cover events, divisions and judge requirements which will be published online as soon as new website is completed. Once approved copies will be provided to States and Head Instructors through STAL Administration.

Our major project is producing a new and updated course structure for training of officials. This will be conducted with four major components to ensure it will fit ASC Officiating standards for recognition and to give more practical time in judge training. To make it easier for people to access and spend less time in seminar doing theory the theoretical components will be provided online.

  1. Currently all officials may start the ASC Online Introductory Level Officiating General Principles. This is a compulsory component of all new courses and will be a requirement for all officials to have current qualifications recognized.
  2. Online Officiating, WTF Rules and Regulations – being written.
  3. Poomsae practical seminar.
  4. Judges Course

As we progress further we hope to have a major presence on website to communicate, provide feedback and assist Poomsae Officials.

Yours sincerely
The Poomsae Officiating Committee

~ National Kyorugi Referee Committee

Letter and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Form and Refresher Courses

Our Referee Committee has announced the dates of the first Referee Refresher course.  Exact locations and details will be following very shortly. 

The National Kyorugi Referee Committee (NKRC) has established directions to progress forward for all kyorugi (combat sparring) referees.  Amongst some of the immediate and priority tasks are:

  1. To establish a firm national MNA (Member National Association) referee base that would include all referees who hold kyorugi referee qualifications from TA, STA or OTU or even equivalent qualifications obtained from other countries (plus WTF).  All referees are encouraged to complete the RPL Form which can be downloaded HERE.  This will help us establish the initial referee base and the equivalent referee class for you under the STAL banner.  At this stage the proposed referee classes will start from Club Class (2 levels) for non-black belts/non TKD persons and from State Class (2 levels) for black belts and progressing to National Referee Class (2 levels) and the highest Senior National S-Class Referee level.
  2. We will be conducting Kyorugi Referee Refresher courses soon across all states so that all referees have an opportunity to reinforce their current knowledge and update this knowledge with the latest developments.  The RPL will help us and you establish which equivalent level you will be placed under the STAL referee classifications.  To maintain your RPL you must attend a Refresher Course prior to 30 June 2017.  Qualification courses will also soon be available for those seeking upgrades to a higher class level and for those seeking to enter as new referees.

There will be more information to be posted later, but immediately we want to assure all referees that your Committee is working hard to establish the base and ensuring all referees get their equivalent STAL referee qualification and to participate in any refresher or qualification referee courses.  It is envisaged that referee courses will be rolled out from June 2016.

Finally, we are seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from current referees who want to officiate at the August Nationals being held in Bendigo, country Victoria during August 2016.  The EOI be downloaded HERE and current referees will shortly receive the agreed support package for officiating at the Nationals.

Yours sincerely
National Kyorugi Referee Committee

Our Taekwondo Community

~ 2016 Cool Climate Classic


4-5 June 2016
AIS Combat Centre, Belconnen, Canberra, ACT
Information Package Coming Soon
Entries Open April 2016
Hosted by ACT Taekwondo

Events will include:

Sat 4 June: Poomsae

  • WTF rules with some modified Beginner and Family events
  • iPad and Computer scoring system

Sun 5 June: Sparring

  • WTF rules for Daedo Head and Chest Scoring System
  • Electronic chest guards for Yellow-Black Belts; Minors to Masters
  • Electronic head guards for Blue and above Juniors, Seniors and Masters; Cadets Black Belts only.

Enquires www.acttkd.com.au

Useful Resources

~ Play by The Rules


Play by the Rules is now a unique collaboration between the Australian Sports Commission, Australian Human Rights Commission, all state and territory departments of sport and recreation, all state and territory anti-discrimination and human rights agencies, the Office of the Children's Guardian and the Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Association (ANZSLA). These partners promote Play by the Rules through their networks, along with their own child safety, anti-discrimination and inclusion programs.

Play by the Rules provides information, resources, tools and free online training to increase the capacity and capability of administrators, coaches, officials, players and spectators to assist them in preventing and dealing with discrimination, harassment, child safety and integrity issues in sport.

Go to Play By The Rules and subscribe to keep up-to-date on safe, fair and inclusive sport.


As a regular occurrence Professor Ian Snape will contribute articles to improve your performance both on and off the mats.  Ian is working with our Rio bound athletes on their mental focus in the lead up to the Olympics.  We begin with our first article below.

~ Sometimes The Goal Is Not The Goal


Here is the first of a new series of coaching tips from Prof Ian Snape, who is Neurocoach to the Rio Team and has been coaching many of Australia’s top Taekwondo athletes in the embodied thinking skills of high performance since 2011. He has been studying Taekwondo and Hapkido for nearly 30 years.

Sometimes The Goal Is Not The Goal

In business as in sports much emphasis is placed on goals and outcome strategies.

Elite athletes in particular have goal and outcome-oriented Personal Performance Plans, and are directed towards achievement of such goals at benchmark events. Goal oriented focus is important, but in many cases can act as a distraction that interferes with performance. Sometimes goal setting is a potential blocking condition to achieving that which is desired.

I invite you to undertake a simple thought experiment:

  1. Think about a goal in your life. It could be winning a medal at an event, getting a great mark in your next grading, or achieving something in business, or anything at all that you are working towards.
  2. Take a moment now to imagine having that goal. See the people or scenery aroundyou, and hear the sounds around you when you have that goal. If there are people there, what might they be saying? And what would you being saying to yourself? Feel the sensations in your body. Are there sensations that you recognize as emotions? How are you breathing? Take a minute or two to immerse yourself in this experience.
  3. Now, shake that created experience out of your body by moving and shaking your limbs vigorously for ten seconds.
  4. Take a moment to reset.
  5. Now direct your attention to the state or feelings that are required to achieve this goal. See the people or scenery around you, perhaps your opponent, or the judges or your grading panel...and hear any sounds in the room. Feel the sensations in your body. Are there sensations that you recognize as emotions? How are you breathing? Take a minute or two to immerse yourself in that experience.
  6. Again, shake that created experience out of your body, and take a moment to reset.

What difference do you notice between the two states?

For dedicated athletes in poomse or sparring, what is required to achieve a goal is often a state of intense focus in the now. Many athletes report experiencing no-mindedness, also known as flowstate. This is an optimum state beyond words where movement and anticipation happen without effort, without conscious thinking.

In their preparation for Rio, Carmen and Caroline have goals of course – they both want Gold, they are fully committed, and have been training hard for more than 20 years to get that chance. 

Here is what they describe when they imagine achieving that winning moment...&% yeah! You legend! Yeahhhhhhh. You did it!’


‘I’m crying on the podium. There are loud noises and cheering. I’m aware of the weight of the medal around my neck and the Australian Anthem’.

When asked about their state for the purposes of performing at their best, these were the answers:

‘I’m in the moment – focus, always moving, in and out of distance, hard to read, hard to hit, in their face, unwavering, firm attitude’. 


‘I am on the mats and in my body. I can feel my feet and see my opponent kicking and moving and landing my foot on her head. My feet tingle and I am in that moment’.

For coaching the embodied thinking skills of high performance, there are many important aspects we need to consider; the two most important are how we place attention on the state of high performance and develop and stabilize that; and the specific non-verbal and language patterns the coaches might use in competition to reinforce that state whilst simultaneously providing tactical advice.

I have seen many examples in fights where a coach has inadvertently taken an athlete’s attention from scoring, moving and covering up - being in flow, in the now - to a future state that is about the goal or somewhere else entirely random, often to the detriment of their athlete’s performance.

The takeaway message for performance is that it is ok to have goals if they are a direct motivation. However, I recommend moving them to back of mind, and instead direct attention to the performance that emerges from a state of flow, the state of no- mindedness. No ego. No attachment to goals. No expectations from either within or from others. Instead, perform from a state of flow, supported by coaches who are in deep rapport with the rhythms of their athletes.

Next month we will focus on the relationship between coach and athlete during peak events, and some of the things our top coaches have discovered recently.

Prof Snape is Neurocoach to the Rio Team and has been coaching many of Australia’s top Taekwondo athletes in the embodied thinking skills of high performance since 2011. He has been studying Taekwondo and Hapkido for nearly 30 years, mainly under Grand Masters Hugh Eagling and Sung Soo Lee.

He is a Research Scientist at the Australian Antarctic Division, Professorial Fellow at Macquarie and Melbourne Universities, and co-founder and Director of The Coaching Space. He works with executives, managers, teams and individuals for high performance in research, business, neurotrauma recovery and sports. Ian specialises in working with frontline service personnel, like special operations police and correctional officers, who operate in high-risk environments.

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