25 January 2016

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January 2016 Edition

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Chairman's New Year Message



Thank you to all of you who expressed an interest in being on one of the STAL sub-committees. Congratulations to those of you selected.  This is an important step forward in achieving the success measures in our ‘Taekwondo for All’ strategic plan.  I am looking forward to getting moving with our events and coaching, judging and refereeing accreditations.

Best wishes to the four athletes who have been nominated to contest the Oceania Qualification Tournament, this will take place in Port Moresby on 27 February.  Carmen Marton, Caroline Marton, Safwhan Khalil and Hayder Shkara will be competing to qualify Australia’s slots at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero in August.

Grand Masters Council
In Australia we are lucky to have a terrific community of elder statesmen and women in our Taekwondo community, our Grand Masters. At STAL, we are keen to engage this experience and expertise for the benefit of the future of Taekwondo in Australia.

We will be inviting Grand Masters to express interest in participating in a Grand Masters Advisory Council.  This Council will be invited to advise the STAL Board on important issues affecting the Australian Taekwondo Community from time to time.

Australian Dan Certificates
As the recognised National Sporting Organisation for Taekwondo in Australia, STAL’s mission is to promote Taekwondo in all of its forms:  to increase participation, to support the development of athletes, coaches referees and judges,  and to promote consistency at the National level.  We will therefore be offering an Australian Dan Certificate to STAL members.  Those of you with an existing Dan certificate will be given the opportunity to add the Australian Dan at an equivalent level.  Details on the full syllabus and application process will be announced very shortly.

The Kukkiwon
As advised previously, we are endeavouring to work with the Kukkiwon to ensure that Australian Clubs and Instructors are able to continue to manage Dan grading as they always have, and we are continuing to process Kukkiwon Dan certificates on a ‘business as usual’ bases.

We are also planning to offer ‘combination’ pricing with the Australian Dan Certificate for those who would like both Dan Certificates.  Some of you might be aware that T4U, an organisation that has no recognition from STAL, the ASC, the AOC, the OTU or the WTF, has recently signed a MOU with the Kukkiwon.  This has been without the involvement of, support from, or approval of STAL.  At no time has STAL afforded any status to T4U in relation to STAL’s negotiations with the Kukkiwon.

With our Chief Executive Officer, Joelie Chisholm, well in place now, STAL is looking forward to getting on with the job of uniting Taekwondo in Australia in 2016.

All the best.

John Walker AM

Grand Masters Advisory Council

The Board recognises the important contribution that Grand Masters (8th and 9th Dan holders) have made to the development of Taekwondo in Australia, and the value they can continue to add to the organisation.

With this in mind we are calling for Expressions of Interest (EoI) from suitably qualified Grand Masters who are interested in being appointed to the Grand Master Advisory Council (GMAC).

The exact number of appointments to the Council will depend on the number of EoI's received, and to be considered Grand Masters must be members of Sports Taekwondo Australia Ltd.

The purpose of the GMAC will be to advise the STAL Board on matters as requested by the Board. For example matters relating to the development of program curricula, Kukkiwon etc.  The GMAC’s function will be an advisory one and it will not have any executive powers.  It is envisaged the GMAC will meet two or three times each year and that one of these meetings might be timed to coincide with an STAL Board meeting; another might be timed to coincide with the National Championships.

If you are interested in applying we request that you nominate your areas of particular expertise or interest and email these to admin@austkd.com.au.

2016 Oceania Olympic Qualification Tournament


Earlier this month STAL announced the nominations for the weight divisions and therefore the athletes to contest the Oceania Qualification Tournament (OQT) to be contested in Papua New Guinea on 27 February 2016.

The nomination of the athletes to contest the OQT does not mean that the Shadow Team is no longer required.  Should any of the nominated athletes become unable to compete in either the OQT, or the Olympic Games (should they qualify), then reserves will need to be nominated.

The Shadow Team is the pool of athletes from which athletes to contest the OQT and the Olympic Games are nominated to the Australian Olympic Committee for selection.

As mentioned earlier should any of the athletes not be able to contest the OQT then the Selection Panel will reconvene and determine the “Replacement Athlete”.  This is outlined in Section C of the 2016 Australian Olympic Team Nomination Criteria.

Prior to the OQT the Selectors can determine whether the replacement athlete is the next highest ranked Australian athlete in the same weight category as the injured athlete (as per the January 2016 WTF Olympic Rankings), OR whether to send the highest ranked Australian athlete from a different weight category (as per the January 2016 WTF Olympic Rankings). 

The top two athletes in the nominated weight categories are listed below:

Weight Category    Australian #1 Australian #2
Male -58kg Safwan Khalil  Daniel Marinac
Male -68kg Thomas Auger Thomas Afonczenko
Male -80kg Hayder Shkara Jack Marton
Male +80kg Daniel Safstrom Reyhan Waterford
Female -49kg Keshena Waterford Deanna Kyriazopoulos
Female -57kg Caroline Marton Catherine Risbey
Female -67kg Carmen Marton (Nicole Men) Eve Ember
Female +67kg Tassya Stevens Nicole Men
(Kate McAdam)


Sports Boost Winner


We are pleased to advise that Colonial First State has announced that Bailey Lewis is the winner of the Taekwondo segment of the 2015/16 Sports Boost program, with Catherine Risbey the runner up.

As the nominated Taekwondo finalist, Bailey will receive a $3,000 ‘boost’, and Catherine a $2,000 ‘boost’. We congratulate Bailey on his selection and equally Catherine on her nomination for the program and her runner up prize.

Bailey will now go into the finals against the round winners from Gymnastics, Cycling and Athletics for the grand prize of $10,000.
We will keep you up to date when voting goes public for the outright winner because Bailey will need the support of the Taekwondo community to secure the final prize.

We wish Bailey all the best in the final count down, and once again congratulate Catherine on her achievement.

John Walker Inducted as WTF Treasurer

The World Taekwondo Federation today inducted STAL Chairman, John Walker as the Treasurer of the international federation. The photos below show WTF President Choue and John Walker at the induction ceremony, and STAL CEO Joelie Chisholm being welcomed to the WTF.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Support A Humanitarian Cause


Many members would not be aware of Board Chairman John Walker’s musical talents and of his generous support for humanitarian causes. John is a talented musician, composer, lyricist and vocalist of Australian country rock music. John’s compassionate support for humanitarian causes commenced with his first album, 12 Bridges, which donated proceeds to the Philippines Red Cross to support their aid efforts following the devastation of Typhoon Yolanda in 2013.

Continuing in the philanthropic tradition established with the 12 Bridges album, John’s second album, Rain Dreaming, will donate all sale proceeds of the album and individual tracks, to humanitarian causes around the world primarily via the World Taekwondo Federation’s Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation.

One of the album’s tracks, Flying Butterflies has been chosen as the official theme song of the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation which was this week officiallyannounced by the World Taekwondo Federation.

To listen to selected tracks and purchases the album, or individual tracks, click HERE

2016 International Open Taekwondo Festival


The 2016 International Open Taekwondo Festival will be held at the Taekwondowon in Korea from Sunday 28 February to Tuesday 1 March 2016.

Information and registration package can be downloaded from HERE.

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